(2016 – The Year Of Bad Things, And Good Eyebrows.)

I was raised to be grateful. Whatever happens in life, wherever you go, and whoever you meet – always be grateful.So as we stand here on the brink of 2017, filled with that typical New Year’s Eve feeling of contemplation – the one where everybody tries to figure out exactly what the past year has meant to them – I had a quick think back to the beginning of the year, and I realised I need to be exceedingly grateful for just how far I’ve come.

Now I’m not making a huge sweeping generalisation here. I’m being very, very pinpoint specific.

Yes, yes, it’s true that I’ve generally developed in a number of areas during 2016. Writing wise my confidence has improved considerably, travel wise I’ve been places and seen beautiful things I’d never seen before, relationship wise – well, long story (which luckily ended happily and resulted in some much needed personal growth) – but there is one particular area of my life that has developed in unequalled stratospheric style. And it’s something that, in this day and age, is vitally important.

Eyebrows. Or, more specifically, good eyebrows.

Because if there’s one struggle that we can all agree is real, it’s the one for good eyebrows. And if there’s one thing I was failing at in 2015, it was having them. A fact which leads me to say, with quite some confidence, that the only two regrets I’ll ever have in life are my eyebrows circa 2015.

That’s because they went from being blonde and virtually invisible, to over-plucked and clumsily pencilled on, to looking like I’d got a McDonald’s M style mono-brow resting on my forehead. My family – the kind people that they are – failed to mention that I’d been an under-achiever in the eyebrow department for a lot longer than they ought to, until one day – Christmas Day 2015, to be precise – the subject of my eyebrows came to the table. The dinner table, as a matter of fact. Which means last Christmas the Cramphorn family Christmas Dinner was centred around a very heated exchange, where all sorts of body hair related insults flew across the table. (I’ll spare the specific details of this conversation for the sake of the people involved, but I will say that this argument is now famous in our family.)

The good news is it shocked me in to doing something about the hideous things which were framing my face so unforgivably. It made 2016 a year that consisted of too many bad things – but also a year where two bad things became a whole lot better. (This included hours of YouTube tutorials and a pot of Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade.) There’s still a long road ahead; I still fret about the shape of them quite incessantly, I still have far too many days where my left one is higher than my right one, and I still have microblading in my top three Google searches of all time, but 12 months after ChristmasDinnerEyebrowGate the situation has massively improved. It causes me to look back on 2016 with a certain amount of fondness. Because while at times it has been an enormous pain in the proverbial, it has also been the year when I became the proud receiver of the Holy Grail of compliments – the one where someone tells you they like your eyebrows.

For that, if nothing else, I am grateful. ❤️


  One thought on “(2016 – The Year Of Bad Things, And Good Eyebrows.)

  1. Emma Cramphorn
    December 31, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Lmao Claire what a Christmas that was 😂


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