A Little Something About Dating…

Dating is hard. 

You won’t just kiss a bunch of frogs before you find Prince Charming, you’ll kiss some real dirt bags. Then you’ll meet Prince Charming and he will turn out to be the biggest dirt bag of all. You’ll move on to Superman but he’ll fly away to save some other girl, leaving you in a puddle of mascara tears. You’ll be sure you’ve hit the jackpot when you find Lancelot, but then you’ll find out that he only wanted you because he couldn’t have you. And that Romeo guy? Well, he’ll make you think you’re the one but, in reality, he’s in love with your cousin and desperately trying to turn you into his rebound.*

Needless to say, love stories don’t always turn out the way they said they would.

Even worse, they don’t always turn out the way you hoped they would.

Which is exactly why I’m here to tell you a different kind of love story.

One that doesn’t place such a huge prominence on a girl being saved by some hero. Instead, she can be her own hero. And – in doing so – find her own happy ending.

You can now read the first book for FREE. Just click here. It might just make you smile 🙃

*Fact – Before Juliet there was Rosaline. She was Juliet’s cousin. Romeo was – ahem – desperately in love with her…but she wasn’t interested. So he settled for Juliet. 

Read the book and I promise you’ll get another very important Shakespeare moral. One that proves Juliet needed the MeToo movement just as much as the rest of us. For real. 🖤

Click here to read.

(Seriously…click. It’ll make you smile 🙃)

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