The Dating Process : Alice


“Just answer me one question,” I leaned towards him slowly. “Why’d you want to go out with me?”

“Easy,” he grinned. “Because I’m obsessed with you.”

It was a typical Jack answer; the truth, with a slight spin on it. He was obsessed with me, but it wasn’t because of a genuine romantic infatuation. It was because he saw me as a game that he desperately had to win.

It wasn’t easy.

It was the direct opposite of easy.

Every single word out of my mouth had to be the exact right one, otherwise he’d jump on it and twist it in ways it should never be twisted. Then I’d have to work to untwist what he’d twisted so that he could see that I wasn’t prepared to bend the way he wanted me to. 

Basically, it was all one big game.

And I was going to make him regret ever wanting to play.

The final in a series of six stories that make it clear – once and for all – that girls are not here to be played with.

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