The Dating Process : Amber


We need to be careful here.

We’re being careful.

I think we’re being stupid. I think we should get out of here now, while we still can.

We don’t want to get out. We’re here with Gavin. It’s fine.

I never went out looking for a guy. I just fell down a rabbit hole and found one. An incredible one. One who was actually different.

Obviously when life handed me an incredible guy – who happened to seriously get me – I had to do whatever I could to keep him.

So it didn’t matter what my friends told me. And it didn’t matter what his friends told me. It didn’t even matter what my own head told me.

I knew they were all wrong. I knew, in my heart, that he was different.

And he was.

Just not at all in the way I expected.

The second in a series of six stories that make it clear – once and for all – that girls are not here to be played with.

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