The Dating Process : Grace


“Grace, you’re going to be the new girl. That means you’ll be the talk of the town. People will be lining up to know you.”

“Yeah, and do you know how that makes me feel?” I put my hands to my throat. Just thinking about a whole line of people waiting to meet me was enough to make it close up. “I don’t want to be the new girl. I don’t want that kind of spot light.”

A million people could have walked right past me, and never once thought I was anything extraordinary.

Because, on the outside, I wasn’t particularly extraordinary. 

But on the inside? Oh, on the inside it was a very different story.

My mind was a deeply chaotic wonder; tangled with wild dreams, and reckless fantasies, and all the right kind of complexities.

That’s why I knew – better than anyone – that you can’t always trust what you see. 

Even salt looks like sugar.

The fifth in a series of six stories that make it clear – once and for all – that girls are not here to be played with.

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