The Dating Process : Kiera


“Kiera, you can’t seriously like that idiot. Not only are you out of his league, he’s not even playing the right sport.”

“Are we even looking at the same guy here?” I blinked at her. “He’s so gorgeous I want to get his face embroidered on a cushion.”

I’d always believed in love at first sight. Nobody else believed me, but I knew for a fact that it was possible. When you meet somebody you just automatically know if you’re going to: 

a) Have an uncontrollable desire to admire their face for abnormal amounts of time.

b) Have an uncontrollable desire to french kiss the carbon dioxide out of them.

c) Have a connection with them that exists beyond points a and b.

There’s even that crazy statistic that says you can fall in love in 8.2 seconds.

That’s exactly what we had. 8.2 second love.

We also had secrets. And lies.

And the worst part?

I wasn’t even in on them.

The fourth in a series of six stories that make it clear – once and for all – that girls are not here to be played with.

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